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Allure Goth Underbust

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Allure Goth Underbust

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Recoloured, edited a little bit at the back and made with the Allure Pokey out nipples.

Underbust courtesy of Erpderp, 9 swatches(I think) ? Base game, randoms disabled and color matched, sorry no custom thumbnails yet, that is my mission for this weekend to do custom thumbnails for all my uploads


I did some Allure cc. I noticed Sopor is still awol but he does have a tou and allows for edits of his mesh, thanks Sopor. I love this shape but there are no outfits for it. So here I am....


Anyways...  snatch, grab and enjoy! Leave a like or a thanks if you feel like it ;)




***Also if you have Slice of Life and you use the drunk buffs it will take your custom skin overlays off. When I was testing the outfits I thought I botched something up but noticed the drunk buff on my sim and took it off and the skin and boob colors were back. So be warned if you use drunk buff with SOL and use this outfit, it isn't the outfit messing up it is the buff removing your skin overlay. Thought I would share that tit bit with you ?





Sopor for the amazing boobs


Erplederp because I used her edited underbust, thanks darling for ur permission to share.... Go check out her page, link to her sexy cc here:


Pants are by me, check out my other cc because they are hanging around for upload...




***Come find me on tumblr for upcoming cc. I mainly stick with maxis but throw in some  Risi touches here and there so usually I do a lot of mix n match cc. 


My tumblr, could use some followers on there: https://risiera.tumblr.com/



Just made a Blogger account, here is my link: https://risiera.blogspot.com/



I would love to see your sims in this, so please share on here or on my tumblr page. 








P.P.S. If you have any problems please let me know, I don't bite...much ;)


This is base game so no need for any packs or eps etc etc



Sorry but I don't know why there are bloody lines through all the words lmao. I didn't underline anything but their is no option to change it.

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