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Recommended files/mods for Sexout

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FOMM Custom Build - or Mod Organizer 2 for you mod manager. Really recommend MO2.

New Vegas Script Extender 5.14b

NVSE Extender AKA "NX" V18


All of Sexout's Requirements listed on it's downloads page. Then it's just your personal preference on which Sexout Mods you want in your game.

I do recommend grabbing either type 4 or type 6 for female and breeze for males as body replacers. And Vanilla UI+ on Modb.


I'd suggest looking through this users video playlist for general setup since your starting out.


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19 hours ago, CouriertoSlave69 said:

Disappointing, the futa mod is only compatible with body type 3.

You can wear type 3/3m/4/6/6m clothing armor with a type 3 futa body.

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