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Need help with removing the inflated vaginal plug

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The problem with this device is that you cant remove it as you have to wait for it to deflate but every time it almost deflates message pops up and says "you accidentally pumped the plug and now its fully inflated again" its fucking ridiculous i fucking smashed my keyboard over it and it was a expensive fucking keyboard. Whoever fucking thought its any way fun needs help. I know this is not really a good way to ask help but i don't want to start over my Skyrim and that thing just fucking drives me nuts it completely takes from experience. Such toys should remain in sex act and not go beyond it. So if anyone can please help. Have been just standing still in skyrim for days now waiting for it to deflate and i mean real days and not skyrim days, how is that fucking gameplay enhancing? Am not anymore HappyBob am fucking MiserableBob now........

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Im not to familiar with SE mods, But if it's something like LE was it equiped as part of Cursed Loot or Devious Device's?


IF Cursed Loot, in LE atleast, if you have set to not lock MCM when tied up there is a DEBUG page and you can click "Free Me" and will uneuqip all devious items.

If that fails, and IF Devious Device has a MCM menu, You can set the plug chance % for trigger to 0% 

If that failes, player.showinventory to find the plug ID, then player.removeitem XXXXXXXX 1 depending on the plug's load order ID, or Player.unequipall / player.removeallitems

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