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Is Zex-Fusion Girl worth changing to?

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I recently had my mod manager crash and have to rebuild my Skyrim & Fallout 4 mod lists. I had been putting off changing to Fusion Girl. Or should I hold off a while longer. Partly wondering about the status of outfit mods.  I already use a fairly heavy mod list. I usually have a decent # of clothing/armor mods. Thanks for any help/opinions.

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I just made the transition a month ago and in my opinion it is paying off. Some of the more active animation creators like SavageCabbage are creating their newest versions for Fusion Girl and BodyTalk, almost exclusively so.


If removing mods mid-game is a problem for you, just know that I did not have to uninstall CBBE for Fusion Girl to work. In fact, because Fusion Girl does not use the same ESP-based system like CBBE does, you can safely let it override CBBE and things will work just fine.


Edit: Also, if you install it correctly, the body physics from Fusion Girl don't even need to be built individually for vanilla or mod armor pieces. You just build the body itself once, and physics will work on armors right away. At least that was the case for me~

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