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Can't Get AAF to Work At All

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As the title says, I can't get AAF to even load up after character creation. I followed all the tutorials, I have all the folders and files from F4SE in the right places. I used that AAF GFV program that detects any errors and it's saying all systems are green. My MO2 is the latest version and I'm using the latest version of AAF. I even used that stop and start command in the console and that failed as well. Really disappointed that I can't use any of the awesome animations available.


Correction: In AAF GFV, under the AAF section it says Not Installed.

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Now that I have some sleep, I've found dagobaking's troubleshooting website and I looked at the debug mode section where he talks about going into the data folder and clicking on the AAF folder. AAF isn't even in my Fallout 4 data folder. This is clearly an install issue. Is it safe to manually install AAF?





I got it working!!!!!!!!!! For any other lost souls out there, make sure all ESMs/ESLs are above the ESPs (update and run LOOT). Also, go into Fallout4Custom.ini located in Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and add the following to it if they aren't there:







Also, make sure [AAF] GFV is added as an executable in MO2. That's why it wasn't detecting it at first.




Nharra, thank you so much!!

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