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Body preset corrupted (weird artifacts)

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So I was trying to fix HDT vagina not animating properly and created a new Mod Organiser profile for launch and was experimenting with turning on and off the mods that I have. Eventually it came down to some files in the overwrite folder which were creating issues (overwrite/meshes/actors/horse folder). After fixing that I came back to my main MO profile. But once loading that I get to see the attached shots. Some really weird-looking artifacts, probably on the body only (face and arms look ok). When starting the game the body looks fine, but when i load my preset (or load the last saves) it becomes corrupted.


Any ideas?


TESV 2019-10-06 15-05-24-194.jpg

TESV 2019-10-06 15-05-29-441.jpg

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