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Followers and NPC problem


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Hi guys,


I'm looking for some help regarding a really particular issue that has been going on lately and that I've never had before: disappearing NPCs and followers.

I'll summarize my problem: if I take a follower on a quest and at any time given I dismiss him/her, they usually go back to their corresponding places. However, when I go back to look for them, they are not in the usual places. Ex: Benor in Morthal, either on the barracks or Moorside Inn.

I try skipping hours or sleeping at the inn in order to make them come back to their places, but still they do not appear.

As they are nowhere to be found I used the console command "player.moveto" plus the ref ID that belongs to any of this characters. That's when the weirdest thing happens: I get "transported" to a room in where are dead bodies from other NPCs (some of them killed by me in the DB quests, some killed by dragons, etc.) and where the follower is. Last time I did this Aranea Ienith was there, the dead bodies and some other NPCs.

I don't really know why this happens as I never went through this situation before and even using more mods than now (I have 185 active). I'll post the screenshots I took for you to see where I'm standing.

The only 2 things that I'm thinking of are:


- Some custom armors followers have equipped (when Aranea disappeared she had the Neo Witch armor) or custom equipment.

- And the fact that I'm using UFO (ultimate follower overhaul) to speak to my followers and to be able to take more than one with me at the same time.


Apart from that, I've tried several things.

Do you have some idea of what can be going on? It's turning quite irritating at this point.


Thanx in advance!






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