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[Mod Release] Middle Class Triple Bed 01 - Now Sleeps 3

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This is a modder's resource. It is simply a mesh that allows you to add a version of MiddleClassBed01 to your own mods that will sleep three. It does nothing by itself.


Place the NIF anywhere in your Data/Meshes folder. Add to your own mod using the CS.


THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT MESH! To use it, you will need to add it yourself.


For more variations, you will need to open Nifscope and change the blanket textures. See included screenshot.


Read the included ReadMe, please, for permissions, etc. If this has already been done, I couldn't find it.


Edit: Sorry about the screenshots. I can't fire up Oblivion right now. Also, I the [REL] prefix seems to have vanished on me.




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They'll climb right in - no problems. Just make sure that your mod is pathgridded and the entry points aren't stuck too deep into a wall. One red path grid square will cover both entry points.


I've been using this bed a lot and I've had no problems placing where a regular double bed would normally go. You DO get a bit of wierdness when an NPC climbs into the middle slot sometimes (they go throughthe sleeping NPCs and not over them :) ), but it works just fine.

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