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Cursor Gone Wild In FullScreen/DualMonitors

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Hello Everyone,


Just today I decided to load up Skyrim after almost a month away and somehow my cursor has gone insane. I have Dual Monitors (One for games one for web) And I always play Skyrim in full screen never messed with windowed mode before. When I am in game if I move my cursor to the side too much the cursor shows up in my other monitor and if I click to attack or choose a dialogue option Skyrim gets closed down as if I alt tabbed out.


I've tried using windowed mode but I hate that it doens't fill up my entire screen even if I choose the right resolution. I'm not sure what I did or when I did it but I can't play the game with it alt tabbing out so often.


If anyone has an idea please let me know, thanks.

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Try verifying the game cache. The cursor is doing that because it is not being stuck to the crosshair.


When the mouse is going insane does your camera still more as if you were looking around or is it frozen?


Game behaves normally unless the cursor is in the other window, the game cursor stays at the edge of the screen but the windows cursor is off screen and a click will minimize the game.


If I verify game cache won't that mess with the millions of mods I have installed? I guess I could do a clean install but that's a pain.

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No it won't mess with the mods as it only verifies to see if files are missing not replaced.


To be honest the issue is not the game but your computer. Your computer is not registering that Skyrim is up in full-screen mode. I have dual screens and my Skyrim does not do this. I only get the windows cursor come up like that on the other screen after I alt tab out.


- Make sure that your screens are using the same resolution.

- Make sure Skyrim is using the same resolution as your screens.

- Make sure Skyrim is playing on your primary window.


Try opening the game menu with ESC and then alt tab out. That should stop the cursor from going nuts.


You could try this mod to see if it fixes the issue, it gets rid of the windows border when in windowed mode and makes the game look like it is in fullscreen even though it is windowed. It sounds like what you are looking for if you are going to keep alt tabbing out. Make sure you read the instructions so that you set it up right.




I have not used it because I open menu to pause the game when I am alt tabbed out so I don't get mugged when out of game.

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