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Raising the tail slot for beast races?


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I thought the same thing, so I edited the skeleton. I might as well post a short tutorial.


I do all of the editing in NifSkope, which you can get here.


The file that you want to edit is the skeleton for female beast races, which is at this location (relative to your installation folder, of course): Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female

(I added the backup folder myself, so you probably won't have it.)

If you don't have a custom skeleton installed, you can install XP32's, or just search one around here or the nexus.




The file that you wanna open in NifSkope is Skeletonbeast_female.nif

You might be using a different skeleton, so it may look a little different. I'm using XP32's skeleton right now.




Once it's open, make sure that you can see the "Block List" panel. If not, click on "View" on the top menu and then "Block List." (The "Block Details" panel works also, but I think that this one will be easier to use in this case.)


The bone that we are looking for is the closest tail bone to the rest of the skeleton. To find it, click on the arrow to the left of "0 BSFadeNode" (the value to the right should be "skeletonBeast_femali.nif") to expand it. Expand NPC, NPC Root, NPC COM, and NPC PELVIS. From here, you should be able to see "TailBone01." The Hierarchy should look something like this, give or take a few bones.




Although you can edit the coordinates of the bone, the results won't show up in-game (Idk why). To get around this, we will have to attach the bone to a new parent node. To do this, right click on 74, move the cursor over "node," and click on "Attach Parent Node." the type that we want to add is "NiNode," which is close to the bottom of the list.




The text, "Tailbone01," will be removed from view, and the bone may be moved downwards. It should be selected. to confirm, expand the selected bone, and you should see "Tailbone01" further to the right in the heirarchy.


Right click on the new bone that contains TailBone01 and click "Transform." Rename it if you want. I usually just name mine something simple in caps so I can find it easilly to edit later. What you want to edit is the "Z" value under "translation." increasing the value will move the entire tail upwards, and decreasing the value will lower it. To find a value that you like, move it up 3 or 4 and save it. Overwrite the old "skeletonbeast_female.nif," ( I should warn you to backup your skeleton, but I never do c: ) then test it in-game. I know that there are a lot of CTD issues with skeletons. I never looked into it enough to find the exact cause, but be careful not to delete bones. If you get a CTD, revert to your backup (which you TOTALLY made) or re-install one from NMM, etc...



Move the tailbone up :P


Anyway, I hope that this is coherent enough, and that the images are in the right places, because I cant see them in the preview... Tell me if I left anything out.


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hope this isn't necro:

help with xp32's v1.7 skeletons please.


Hi, question about using nifscope to move the female beast tails.
I did a search for this, found this little article called "Raising the tail slot for beast races?" : (this thread)
It states to place the tailbone01 under a new parent ninode, modify the new node.

But v1.7 (BHD Chesko specifically) has tailbone01 and tailbone01c.
- If I raise tailbone01 then my argonian tail is between my legs, tip pointing forward, tail hasn't moved up.
- if I raise tailbone01c then my argonian tail is the same as before installation, hasn't moved up.
- I've moved the weapon nodes just to make sure I'm still sane, they show up in the game.
- I'm using billystanton's tail mesh to connect to the node: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/2995

I've moved the tail before, pre 1.6, is it still possible to raise the tails at all in 1.7 to work correctly?
Just trying to get this to work with ADM and CHSBv3's bigger butts.

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