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What's the Source of "Let's get laid"?

Tsara Noga

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I don't know since when that Option appeared,

but My Character (fem Khajiit) has it in almost all Conversations.

Using it lets My Character screw the NPC from behind in an (I guess)

endless Animation Loop.


Anyone know, whats the Source of that Conversation-Option and how to remove it?

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anime prostitution

Adult Show XXX - ASX


you didn't properly deleted this mod or and use retarded modmaneger for delete, what didn't delete all files, some scripts stillin you're script folder.

or install mod what overvrite exsisted data from qny of this two mods, and save files got glitch with what now every time this dialog loads.


I have this problem, but i not actualy rememebr howi fix it...

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