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Crysis 3 Hype


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Just as the title suggests, I figured I create a compiled list of the gameplay videos of Crysis 3 out. All said and done, it still looks impressive, somewhat. However for those who loved the first crysis, I'm afraid that has no hope of coming back. For example - no you are not getting speed mode back.


However with the trailers, it looks like the game will still be challenging on the hardest difficulties, unlike Crysis 2 which was literally easy unless you stepped into Post-Human Warrior/Supersoldier difficulty without any nanosuit modules.


This is the tech trailer:



The first gameplay trailer of a complete level (Hydra dam is it?)



Gameplay from the 'Fields' level which brings back Pyscho.



The second part of the 'Fields' trailer where you can actually see stuttering in the video. When a video presentation of the company is lagging, you know the game is demanding(or unoptimized lol).



Crysis 3 started a series called "Seven Wonders of Crysis" where they show off visuals, and some gameplay without the HUD, montage style.


Episode 1:



Episode 2:




Now some of you are thinking that growing the grass by 600% and making it demanding is not enough to warrant a sale. Let me tell you that I feel the same. However with Episode 2 of seven wonders and the Fields gameplay, you see those Ceph roaming around in overgrown grass, its just like Jurrasic park. When there is grass all around and something jumps you, you are going to need very fast reflexes to activate armor mode and escape harm. Somewhat exciting.

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