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Help with modding new NPC


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I just learned how to successfully add NPC's to the game (mainly followers) The Issues I've come across though, are that I cannot use anything other than vanilla content for the hairs/armor (for default armor)


For example, I'm trying to make a "Tifa Lockheart' NPC, since there are Tifa Clothing mods from Himmelsky, and apachii hairs (and apachii hairs for females) have a hairstyle that's close to Tifa's from FF7 AC.


But if I try to load the clothing with the Skyrim.esm/Update.esm (both master files) it will not show up in the 'character default clothing/sleep wear' How would I add this so I don't have to have her start out naked and clothe her?


also, about the hair (my main issue) Same thing as above except, since the only options to load for apachii from the data files in the CK are both Master files too, it gives me the error 'MULTIPLE MASTER FILES DETECTED, LOAD ABORTED' which means I can only use vanilla hair styles - how do I get around this?

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