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What happened to Fantasy Music Overhaul?


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Have I got a bad Link? everytime I try to access it on Nexus I get the mod not found error..


Have they taken it down?




looks like mod author deleted mod, tried reuploading, mods pulled it down because of another mod that was similar that had been banned and author said he would not bother with it anymore

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argh, stupid Nexus Copyright police? or a spaced out author? argh, Well, glad I still have the zip. hopefully it stays compatible in any future skyrim updates.. I love this mod.


Thankfully we have people who will ignore the authors stupid request and continue to upload it.

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well... ill be honest. the music its good but after some days testing many of this mods, i find out that many of them share the same music/list/songs (i know, its because the free rights, etc. etc.)

Maybe its only me, but after some days, i missed the old real skyrim music. mainly because fits perfect and works flawlessly.

in the other hand, many of this mods have weird music that doesnt fit very well. the other day i was fighting a dragon, and the music went off, later, another dragon fight and the music was tranquil and happy... And, another fight with a dragon and guess what... happy funny music...again.

Additionally, i ran fraps and find out that i lose a couple of fps while using custom music mods and in some areas the fps lose was terrible, even in dungeons!! wich, by the way, the dungeons custom music sucks... maybe because there isnt any music at all, but only weird noises.

Yes,, yes, i know that someone will tell me that you can make your own songs list, etc. etc. and also that they dont have any fps loss when using this mods, bla bla... but, in any case, i can put whatever music i want, like KORN/LimpBizkit,etc. while fighting dragons without fearing the nexus copyright law, because im using it for personal use... sooo, in the end, whats the point of this mods?


In resume, the main issue is that the lists are chosen by the author personal taste and another critial flaw is that they are very buggy. so, in the end its better to stick with bethesdas's ost.


This is my personal opinion of course and excuse my poor engrish.

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