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Smoking sick style for skyrim


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One of the commenters made a guide on how to download from Cafe Naver so you can get the most recent. I'll just Copypaste it here since it's all broken up and hard to read:
"To all those looking to download the mod, it's downloadable in the cafenaver link. The download "option" isn't immediately obvious as it is in Korean. (Took me a week to figure out what I was doing).

1st: Go to the CafeNaver site.
2nd: Look fer a little "clickable" line of Korean character', it's whitish grey, with the number 1 in parentheses like (1) in orange. It's in the upper right area of the website page provided by the link, at the bottom of some date shown; mine is 2013, 02, 18 20 :08
3rd: Click on the line of character's, and a little white window should appear below the character's, at the far left of the window should be a a floppy disk symbol and the name of the mod, fer me it's "sss for skyrim alpha 6 devi..." the should be to clickable option's "also in Korean" one that has the some Korean character's and the letter's "PC".
The next another set of character's but the with a blue "N", click on the one with "PC" and the download should initiate as a 7zip file. Before I forget, the version I've downloaded is 16.5meg's in size and is the "sss for skyrim alpha6 devil trigger 13_02_18 version".
Fer the author (and please don't get offended by this), please set the instruction's fer the download of the mod as it is very difficultfer us who can only read in English to try to find the right option's to click to download the mod, the read-me of the of the mod should also have English option's as-well, instead of either what seem's to be "Kanji" or "Chinese" for the aforementioned reason's. In any-case, I hope anyone's difficulty in trying to download the mod from the "cafenaver" has been resolved."

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