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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare


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Thanks for the link, it was very good (and I couldn't help but wince at the screaming guy covered in oil, fromt he first person perspective.)


It looks good, pretty, and smooth... however... aside from the siege mechanics, gore, and graphics it seems to be a poor mans Mount and Blade: Warband.


MaB may be ugly and not half as fancy, but it covers large scale battles, cavelry, aswell as foot and archery, formations, diplomacy, sieges (which admittedly look prettier and more indepth in that trailer), prisoner management, trading, and so forth.


The fact its Multiplayer only too, from what I can see, immediatly turns me away.


I'll wait for Mount and Blade 2.

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Mount and blade was more of an rpg with skills' date=' stats and inventory. Chivalry focuses on competitive multiplayer instead.

While it doesn't have a story campaign. You aren't forced into multiplayer like spiral knights. There is an ai offline mode.



I have the game

There is a level up systems for weapons

you need to use the weapon in the same category to unlock the next tier. although, the weapon has no impact and advantages on gameplay.


multiplayer is really competitive and you need to think when and where to swing or you'll lose stamina for every miss/block.

friendly fire is always enabled no matter what so it might get problematic with multiple allies next to each other swinging wildly.

finding a server is pretty easy but joining one can take awhile depending on how many players you want to play with.

servers can get laggy sometimes during high population servers.


for offline playing

the training is okay for a basic understanding

but don't play it with offline bots, it not worth the time to practice with your skills on it because

the offline ai need serious work because they only follow one path.

it better to join a random server and practice there.

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I must disagree with your view on the weapons having no effect. I.e :halberd vs. Dagger. The halberd has longer reach and damage but a slower swing. While the dagger has pretty much the opposite which short reach on low damage but an irritatingly fast swing. Each of these can be used to a big advantage.

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Chivalry is indeed an awesome game. I for one really dislike the combat systems of M&B and now WotR where you hold down attacks and all that nonsense. Chivalry promotes timed attacks and blocks while M&B style of games are really prone to spamming. The combat in Chivalry is also MUCH more satisfying. The graphical quality along with the gore effects further sets this apart from M&B and WotR.

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