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Guest NastraDark

Hello longtime lurker, infrequent poster. Okay, so I need some help and Nexus tends to be rather hit or miss so I thought I might try here. In my game of Skyrim I have the conversion of MAK's cbbev3m armors for just CBBEv3 (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/25259) and I have zapped all the Bras and Panties off the armors, I however am using Sovngarde Steel Armor with loincloth removed. While I really like it it doesn't fit with my otherwise panty free game. I have tried modding the underwear off the Sovngarde Steel but my skills are sorely lacking and checked around but no one has made a pantyless conversion which brings me here. Would anyone be able to help me out? Thanks.



(The armors)


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this can be quickly done with just Nifskope so lets try this first.


we could do it for you and it would help you for only this armor OR

we can show you how to do it and it will help you for any armor

that you want to remove parts from


get NifSkope



and here is a video tutorial I found for removing armor mesh parts with NifSkope


jump to 2:10


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glad I could help though I didn't do anything.


(well, I had them ready to upload just incase NifSkope

didn't want to play nice for you)


some meshes(parts) you won't be able to do like that

because the mesh is all 1 piece so the parts will have to

be cut or removed with 3DStudio Max or blender.

If you run into one you can't do with NifSkope

let me know.

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