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Sexout and Shojo race

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Although i did see some1 mention this in the actual sexout thread but sincethat got locked and I didnt seem to find the solution, i created this thread


Anyways, as the title suggests, im using the shojo race mod and it seems the sex animations...well how do I explain this.. scaling issues. Such as when doing a BJ shes too short for it and ends up doing it a head lower than the intended position. Same for when it comes to sex, the positioning doesn't match cause shes too dam short.


I did hear som1 mention about asking for the scaling in the console command or somesort but i did remember it was at least 0.8 or higher. I forgot the actual command.


But yea anyone got a fix for this?


First time posting and hope im not breaking any rules.



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Well the reason the first thread got locked was likely due to that Sexout was not designed to function with children races. Though Shojo is an indipendant mod in itself, the community will not extend support for sexout to help with child or childlike mod, in this case Shojo. So I'd expect this thread to be locked soon enough as well.


As for alignment issues in general, there is nothing that can be done currently.

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