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How can i install this armor?


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Simply paste the files into your Data folder and check the esp in the Launcher/NMM. Just like any other mod.


If you're confused with the .bsl file' date=' I believe it is a file used for Steam uploads. It is a list file created by the creation kit. It is not necessary, so don't worry about it.



Thanks, but i can't find the armor in the game even using the console. :-/

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Are you using NMM (Nexus Mod Manager)? Make sure you activated the mod in NMM first or else it won't show up in game. If you're not using NMM, make sure you go into the Launcher under Data Files and activate the mod there.


Then type: help "Morrigan" 4 and see if it shows up then. I believe it can be crafted as well, just can't remember what category it is under.


As well, make sure you are updated to the latest patch (obviously if you have a legit copy of Skyrim, Steam will update it automatically). Some mods seem to only work with the newest patch and won't show up for older patches.

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