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Animation & Dialog Issues

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Alright so I'm having some issues with animations not lining up, dialog options not showing up, and animation triggers not working right.


This is my mod list hopefully you'll be able to tell me what is going on.


I'm not an expert on mods but I think I've done everything correctly.


Thanks for your help in advance.




Abduction SSE

Alternate Start

Creature Schlongs SE

FNIS Behavior SE

FNIS Creature Pack SE

Feminine Argonian Textures

Feminine Kahjiit Textures

Fuz Ro D'oh

Piercings for UNP

RaceMenu SE


SL MatchMaker Light SE

SL Pleasure SE

SOS Light SE

SL Solutions LE Prison Overhaul SE

SL Solutions SE

SL Aroused SSE Loose

SL Framework SE v163 BETA5

SL Working Girl Optional Sound Files Version

SL Light SE 0 1 1

SL Defeat


UNP Female Body Renewal


XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition




SL Tools SE

Creature Framework SE

JContainers SE

SL Hedonism


The mod list above is in order in case anyone is wondering.


I've attached a video to give you an idea of the issues I'm getting.



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