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need a bit of help please


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situation  Female human - female servitron or any other(mostly with servitron or the MAID mods)


i am playing a female, no matter what animation or how i load it i am never the dominant player.  Despite the strapon im doing the riding bending etc.. I have gotten an error once "there are no female human female servitron animations" though when i reloaded a save it worked fine, except i was not the dominant party.  

assault is set to work 100% and it does, except i am not the dominant party.  


i have all the mods loaded as per the load order in this thread, i followed the instructions perfectly (  



Essentialy, my questions is how to ensure i am the dominant party, the one on top so to speak?  Ive searched a bit and it seems i may have to edit one of the xml files as there is no way to swap actors in game.  Is there an easier way?


thank you for your help :)

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