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Game turned into something unplayable


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Oh well, this may be a long story, but I'm really hoping for help.


Some days ago my game started locking up and crashing at every cell transition. Saves loaded, but chances were they would instantly lock up and it was back to desktop.


So I decided it was time for a clean reinstall. I uninstalled the game via steam client and removed each an every folder manually. The main folder under steam apps, the one in documents and the one in app data. I cleaned the registry afterwards and reinstalled, yet the problem persists, even without any mods loaded and a new clean (?) reinstallation. To my knowledge, each and every reference of the game should have been removed.


So did I miss any hidden locations where some preferences or other stuff is still stored? I'm asking because the steam client usually switches back to the default german language (in my case), and I have to set english manually. But now it somehow remembers.


Oh. yes, I'm not using old saves, but a totally new game. The prewar scenario and the vault play up just fine. But once I left the vault, the lockups start to happen. Usually a few seconds after getting back to the surface when the blur starts to clean up.


Also, as far as hardware is concerned. My other games work just fine. FO4 is the one and only creating this set of problems.

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