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Hi everybody! I've got some ideas for mods here that I'd like someone to create:
1) Mod, which will be 10 or even more sets of latex clothing / costumes.
2) Mod on a lot of different strap-ons for girls: in the form of carrots, cucumber, banana and so on (already have a similar mod, but I want a more advanced version, with all the things that I listed above). Also, it would be desirable that creators of Addons for SOS on new schlongs (or someone another) made an opportunity to equip these schlongs through inventory (and they will work without SOS). Some I've written (but not all of them will probably want to do that). Some I have not written because I do not know the complete list of all Addons on the schlongs. I ask it to do due to the fact that I have a SOS does not work properly (schlongs not shown). You can make something like a hose that will work without SOS.
3) of course, new animations, and possibly new types with new tags.
4) Mod on animated vagina for replacer UNP/UNPB (though it is difficult, and it is unlikely someone will do).
This, I think, if there will be new ideas - I write.

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