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Can we create killcams?


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Hello, again people like the title said, is there a way around it like for example i'm using Guts sword, Dragon slayer(Berserk) and i want a custom killcam for that sword, cutting the human enemy in half would be awesome can this be done or is it too early for this kind of mods?:P

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hm, didn't the Dance of Death mod add more killmoves? Never tried the mod itself but maybe you can use the same logic... However the question is the physics and the mesh/gore texture for the killmove. Since there aren't any half body meshes with the gore texture in skyrim you'll have to start from scratch, or use existing meshes to create the body and add in you're original gore textures. I heard that there were problems with the Dance of Death mod in the previous patches. Still, its a good idea. I second this.

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