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Animations not working (Pic Included)

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Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. Really dont know how to work load order, but everything seemed to install smoothly and everything seems to work great, except when i get to the animations. All i get is my girl standing there and the rapist's head and hands floating... i sincerely hope thats not the animation, but everything works, The mod configuration menu, the sex sounds, literally everything works flawlessly except the animations. I'm including an example pic of my problem, hopefully i can get this fixed because im a huge fan of this mod.


Thanks in advance.


(All the errors are pretty much variations on that.)

(Also im very new to this, so i dont know what information to include in this post, please forgive me for that, but id be happy to provide any information needed to remedy the situation.)



(Also if this can be solved with a load order, please just post a simple load order i can use, or please explain to me how exactly it works... or link to somewhere it does, im hoping it can be solved with something that simple. If you could just post a recommended load order, i would appreciate that, preferably one centered around rape, bestiality and pregnancy. Thanks again, you guys are the best.)




Iv seen other people on the thread with the same problem, in addition to having the Sexout core file, you also need to download the Sexout data file, and load both through the mod loader. That should fix the invisible animation/Standing in each oher problem. (At least thats what did it for me)

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