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Adding physics to clothing with 3dsMax 2017?

Berit's Ashes

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Hi all,


Ok, so I have some clothing meshes I would like to add physics to. Not like BBP, I know how to do all that. More something along the lines of HDT cloaks. I'm also talking about LE here so I assume the physics would be HDT-PE. I've never done this before and my research thus far suggests it's only possible with Max 2012 because of havok tools I guess? and something about Microsoft? I'm not actually clear on why... Anyway, I have a student version of max 2017 and there doesn't seem to be a way for me to get an earlier version. 


Am I SOL? or is there some other way for me to do this? Blender maybe? Any help would be appreciated.,,


EDIT: To answer my own question: no, it doesn't seem possible and yes, I was SOL. Although I did eventually manage to get max 2012 through... unofficial channels.

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