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Devious Devices Moaning For SL Extra Voices

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What is this?

I've always liked the moaning effects in Devious Devices mod. I simply edited the moaning 1LP.wav, "LP2 and "LP4. And i've tried to make it flawless with the breathing effects after the moanings.


How to install?

Ofc. you need Sexlab Extra Voices mod. After that, you'll just drag the 3 files into a voice slot of your choice and it's done. It's not perfect but it's not bad either. If you like this kinda moanings, this is the best solution i think. Because i couldn't just find the perfect moanings for Sex, only one i like is DD's moanings.


I made it for myself but i thought i should share it with you guys. There is also a sample for you to check out how i did the cuts.




Devious Devices Moaning.rar

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