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Yaksha eye issue


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I've recently gotten back into Skyrim and I have found that one of my characters, a Yaksha, has some weird issue going on with her eyes. I seems that the top eye lids are screwing up.


I have not encountered this issue with another race and I have re installed everything related to Yaksha except for the race comparability esm because I don't know what it will do with the dawnguard friendly mods.


Are there any mods which interfere with Yaksha's eyelids and how do I fix it?


Here are some pictures.












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Anyways' date=' did you try adjusting you're eye depth? The eyes... THE EYES ARE STICKING OUT!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA :D :D :D



Some eyes, like option one, can be fixed by tinkering with the height. I haven't touched any of the files, I'm not sure which mods would screw with just Yaksha eyes and re-installing Yaksha doesn't work.

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