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H.C.P FO4 Re-Textures Armor 'n' Clothing

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Yes I finally found a way to upload my mod here since it's a big file all I had to do was link it I'm so dumb but anyways here it is and I will finish putting SS later on or just use the download link. My mods are originally uploaded on Nexus.

So I re-textured all of Fallout 4's armor and clothing and DLC excluding the power armor.
These textures are to replace the existing ones in the game since I had an idea of  Re-Texturing them in HDR or as close I can since who doesn't like HDR?

The textures of the game were very bland and boring and you couldn't tell from afar what clothes NPC's were wearing so now they Pop especially in combat.

These textures will at times look great or horrible hence the name. Most of the textures will match in color but remember when you add HDR to a picture you really see the details and the actual color in it.

The Main file is an All-In-One Package but there are separate labeled files
of the textures in the Optional section so you can try them out.


Use Vortex/Nexus Mod Manager or Manually by unzipping and Drag & Drop

There shouldn't be any conflicts or problems when installing.

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