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Slave capture and slave jail facility mod?

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I remember when playing Fallout NV years ago there was a pretty good mod that had a scripted NPC character that captured the player by attaching an explosive slave collar onto the player's neck. The NPC escorted you back to a small square shaped building near some railroad tracks. If you strayed too far from the slaver on the way to the jail facility, your head would blow off so you had to stay fairly close to them as they escorted you along.


Once inside the facility the slaver would register you on a terminal and then escort you downstairs to the jail cells. The NPC slaver would take all your gear and put you in slave rags and put you into a cell. There were a few other NPC slaves in their cells also. Once the slaver left you in your cell you were able to attempt to escape. I can't remember how the escape worked? Seems like each day you woke up you were rewarded with a new bobby pin to attempt to escape with. If you failed to pick the lock, you had no choice but sleep another day to get a new bobby pin to try again.


Once you escaped the cell, you had to sneak back upstairs and find a weapon and kill the slaver and a small staff of other slavers in the facility. Once you killed the head slaver who captured you, you were able to get the key to remove your slave collar device. You were also able to take over the slave jail after that and become a sex slaver yourself which was a lot of fun. But NV had so many bugs and there were tons of crashes in that game using mods so it was ultimately not all that much fun. Fallout 4 is a lot more stable in comparison even though I get a random CTD without any explanation or error. Sometimes I'm able to play for hours and hours without a CTD at all using about 70 different mods altogether. 


So, I was wondering if there is anything like that mod I described for Fallout 4 using AAF?  

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