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Everyone Stuck In T-Pose While Using CBBE/Bodyslide

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Hello. I'm having a issue where every human character in the game, including the player, are permanently stuck in t-pose.


At first, I thought it was a issue with Fallout 4. Turns out it's a issue with CBBE/Bodyslide because they require Fallout4Custom.ini to be edited in order for them to work.


I can play the game just fine without it, but I can't use CBBE without it. Is there a fix for this? 

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1 minute ago, Saraniamic said:

I am not sure about fallout 4, but when that happened to my Skyrim, I re-installed the skeleton mod I was using and it fixed the t-posing.

I might try that. I'm weary of doing so. As I said, it seems to be a issue with Fallout4Custom.ini using the following:




But I'll see if uninstalling and reinstalling CBBE and EVB does the trick if I can't find a better alternative.

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