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Jewelry mod request.


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Got a small request if anybody feels like doing it. ^_^ I'm planning to make rings for my character and her future husband, and I have a mod that will let me actually give him the ring and make him wear it. However, I can't make the ring I really want to make. Silver Emerald and Silver Sapphire rings don't exist in Skyrim. :( If anybody is up for doing it, I'd really like to see jewlery evened out. I'm not concerned with whether you need a flawless or standard version of a gem, it just would be nice to see Silver Sapphire, Silver Emerald, etc. rings, and Gold Sapphire necklaces, etc. And if anybody is feeling really adventurous, new rings that incorporate three gems each. At least based on Talen-Jei's comments, a lore accurate involves three flawless amethysts set into a ring. Wouldn't mind having that in gold and silver, as well as gold and silver versions with the other gemstones as well.

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