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anybody knows this armor?


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Yea then its probably private. I don't think he thought of sharing the mod because its just a simple texture swap of the Kagura outfit(from OneChambara). But if your interested in just the clothes and hat you can find it in some forums here on LL.

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It is a mesh up armor, and retextured/recolored.


OLDER Version

Hat and Boots from Kagura outfit,

Thigh guard from Magna Carta armor,

Waist and Leggings from Remodeled nightingale armor,

Muffler from Airy armor,

Arms, Gloves and Belts from Remodeled DarkBrotherHood armor,

Bra from Remodeled armor steel bikini,

Don't know the eye patch.....


something like this



New version in the video

deleted the arm parts and belts, changed the gloves to Schwertleite, new BBP bra.

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