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Freezes, CTDs


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I've Googled, Wrye Bashed, and most recently TES5Edited till I'm blue in the face. Now I'm hoping someone here can identify the problem & suggest a cure.


From time to time a city or other area becomes inaccessible: I try to enter it and the game immediately crashes, or worse yet, hangs. It can also happen in the middle of nowhere when nothing in particular is going on, but that's not as common or as infuriating.


My mods:


=== Active Mod Files:

* 00 Skyrim.esm

* 01 Update.esm

* 02 Dawnguard.esm

* 03 ApachiiHair.esm

* 04 ShadowStripingFix.esp

* ++ InvisibleHelmets.esp

* 05 Cat100312.esp

* 06 SkyrimSpeeds.esp

* 07 The Dance of Death.esp

* 08 dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp

* 09 enhanceddistantterrain.esp

* 0A breezehomelightfix.esp

* 0B AK- Boethiah Alternate.esp

* 0C AllureWorksOnBothSexes.esp

* 0D Aradia Leather Armour.esp

* 0E Armored_Rings1.esp

* 0F Auto Unequip Arrows.esp

* 10 BBP_ArmorPack.esp

* 11 BellyachesNewDragonSpecies.esp

* 12 bladesfactionfix.esp

* 13 buildablehouse.esp

* 14 dovahkiinrelax.esp

* 15 enchant3effects.esp

* 16 Futa equippable.esp

* 17 HouseOfHorrorsAlternateEnding.esp

* 18 jkjsenhancedhotpools.esp

* 19 KillThemGenerals.esp

* 1A mandarin.esp

* 1B Mannequin.esp

* 1C MilkGirl.esp

* 1D Nicos Craftable Arrows.esp

* 1E Proudspire Manor Bug Fixes.esp

* 1F ResearchThief.esp

* 20 Artifact Disenchanting.esp

* ++ Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets.esp

* 21 Better Dynamic Snow.esp

* 22 Orc&ElfFix4TBBP.esp

* 23 private_nokillblur_test.esp

* 24 BBP_ArmorPack2.esp

* 25 Enchanting Freedom.esp

* 26 SupermodelSkyrim.esp

* 27 Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp [Version 1.2.3a]

* 28 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp

* 29 Achievement Remover.esp

* 2A Bashed Patch, 0.esp

* 2B InvisibleArmorSets.esp

* 2C Muramasa.esp

* 2D RealisticWaterTextures.esp

* 2E HeavyMetal.esp

* 2F EMCompViljaSkyrim.esp


Usually the last Papyrus error log entry is:


08:31:21AM] [dlc1radiantscript ]CreateQuestBasedOnLocation([Location < (0001F86D)>]) is NOT creating a quest: as Location is neither DLC1HunterHQLocation nor DLC1VampireCastleLocation




08:53:32AM] [DLC1VampireSleepScript ]PlayerActivateBed() IsCoffin =False


...or something about the "FX Dustdrop" script not finding whatever it needs to do its thing (don't have an example in my current log).


Dawnguard, or some mod that conflicts with it, is obviously part of the problem, but I've suffered through the opening scene with DG disabled & still had crashes.


Any helpful suggestions will be most appreciated by




Thanx in advance!

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Have you checked if you can access the "crash"-areas when all your mods except the esm-files are disabled? Maybe it`s just one of your mods.

If yes...time to disable all mods step by step and checking which one it is ^^


If no have you tried to reduce the texture size? From what I see you have a lot of texture intense mods. From my game I know that Skyrim can sometimes load itself to death with some bad ini-entries. So I suggest deleting some big texture folders (make backup of course) and testing if that works.


If no I have no idea atm -.- Sorry

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From what I understand, Skyrim's savegame functione tends to preserve junk from mods you've deleted or disabled. Even after I disabled MultiMarriage and To Have & Hold, I noticed they were still causing problems. Looks like I'll have to endure the Helgen scene again, then add mods one by one & roam around until I identify the culprit or culprits.


What drives me nuts is that an area will be off-limits for a while, then for some reason I can get into it again. If the Papyrus log is any guide, the main culprit seems to be Dawnguard or some mod that doesn't like DG.


re: overloading my hardware, I don't think that's the problem. It's adequate to handle Skyrim at Ultra High resolution with FXAA, but I have resisted the urge to download the HighRes Texture Pack. Likewise I've avoided SKSE knowing it's just itching to bite me on the ass.


If I find out what's causing my woes, I'll be sure to post the solution on this forum.


Thanks for the suggestions, eh? (as we say in Canada)

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I have the coffin issue also, it does not happen all the time. It started after the mission where the guys family is killed by Alva who is a vampire, I attempted to talk to her in the cave to kill the master vampire and she glitched on me and I could not speak to her, kill her, etc. then those messages started popping up and everytime I have one I usually freeze, now i personally don't freeze often but EVERY time I do ([DLC1VampireSleepScript ]PlayerActivateBed() IsCoffin =False) is the most recent message. I actually think the game is confused and I was maybe suppose to be turned into a vampire and I wasn't? Not really sure but I don't think it is a coincidence that every freeze I experience that is the last log. Luckily I can go 6-8hrs of straight play and it wont happen or it will happen within a half hour or so and not for a while. Hell maybe it is a coincidence, but it does not really bother me just wanted to share my opinion and maybe help someone else out or put them on the track to figuring this out.


P.S - I have basically EVERY texture addon you can imagine if you got the RAM and GFX card to handle it, those won't be issues. they certainly won't cause this issue, I'm proof of that.

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Hey, ShadowGearX.


I did find a solution to my CTD woes. Would have shared it sooner but I've been busy getting acquainted with Vilja (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26393).:cool:


First I found this:




It helped reduce the number of crashes, but it seems updating the main files (Skyrim.esm, Update.esm) makes the game engine skip the older script. Simple solution: edit fxDustDropRandomScript.psc (in Scripts\Source) using Notepad, then undo the edit and save the file. It will now have the current time/date stamp.


I also stumbled across this bit of advice, which has pretty much cured the problem: rename Skryim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini by way of backing them up, and let the game rebuild them from scratch. I haven't got around to doing a line-by-line comparison yet, so I'm not sure what's changed. I know graphics settings weren't the problem since I was running at UltraHigh both before & after.


Hope this somewhat fuzzy advice helps others with similar problems.:D


[ p.s. added later: I also suggest getting acquainted with Wrye Bash and Tes5Edit. Even if the game is running fine, they'll clear up a lot of unnecessary crap that Bethesda should have taken care of. ]

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