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Alice custom race


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Author stated not any of his assets maybe used even for nexus or other sites without permission' date=' I pmed him and he said he'l think about it, since he doesn't own NV.



In my experience that normally turns out to be a no. :-/


Besides it was asked before if you look at comments.


cool race any chance of u porting it to fallout NV?


posted @ 16:13' date=' 18 May 2012


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Yep editing the master does work.


Considering he uses assets from other mods Mailamea would have to get permission from every modder in the requirements list and him into order to do it. He cannot give permission for other modders works.


You may not use any part of this mod without my permission.

Please ask me or everyone listed above before using.


Considering I have not used anything but changed the master which anyone can do there is nothing he can do :) At least nothing that I can think of.


No need for Mailamea to get permission now and most likely get stressed while doing it :)


If you want the esp just PM me and I will give you the link as it cannot be uploaded to here without causing issues. (Recommend by site staff to keep the peace!)


After all if he declines the Mailamea's request and he finds out that I have done it and contacts Ashal it would have to be removed.

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