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How to get ouncing breasts for custom races like turndowx


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If custom races have seperate body-meshes they won't be affected by a BBP body-replacer. I actually don't understand why modders use seperate meshes, it makes everything a lot more complicated.


You'll have to replace the meshes by hand, in some cases also the skeleton (if that's the case ther is a "skeletonfemale" file in one of the races folder). To do that go to "...SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character" and copy all female meshes. Then go to the meshes-folder of the custom race and replace all files with the ones you copied.


You'll also weant to replace the textures with ones from your body-mod in case they have a different setup than the one of the race (CBBEv3 is different from UNP(B) and CBBEv2 (CHSBHC)). The procedure is basicly the same, you'll find the textures in "...SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character".


Hope that helps (and isn't too confusing)

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