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Physics, juggle bones


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I was interested if this is possible, to make a skyrim overhaul, and add more physics there: cloth, softbody (havok is there, I guess it is the question of enabling and setup of it).


Or at least adding some kind of jiggle bones, to add more life to hair, cloth, long ears, and, well, boobs too, why not.


I guess it is possible, and I guess it will take a lot of effort, but are there people here, experienced enough to handle it?

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Theres allready mods that give boob and butt physics.


The problem with clothes is that they need to be altered one at a time to make them less static and respond to things like body physics, wind, etc...


It is possible though... i found this "blow-up" mod a few days ago which gave you a shout that can blow-up a womens skirt... marilyn monroe style :)


What i'd like to see though is moving hair... imagine the screenshots you could make with winblown hair...

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