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Mod suggestions?


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Been poking around different threads, but I'm hoping I can get some good suggestions for folks for mods. ^_^ My Dovahkiin is always female, and most mods assume you're playing as a male. I also will mainly be playing as an Argonian, if that will make any difference.


I'm hoping to find something that will add some romance between spouses. I want to be able to cuddle and kiss my husband, maybe something that provides foreplay options and sex when the PC is female. I'm not too concerned about changing the look of the bodies, though if there are any good mods that make characters more anatomically correct when nude without completely changing everything else, I'm all for it. I don't want him or my PC to look completely different than they do now.


I'm also hoping to find something that's non-adult. I'm wanting a mod that will give dialogue options back to a spouse. I plan to marry Angrenor, and I want him to be able to still say his lines about helping his brothers-in-arms and having trouble breathing, along with his marriage dialogue like "Back from some adventure I bet" and interactions like the shop and cooking.

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