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More accurate Blade of Woe


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I know there are plenty of mods out there with a "better" Blade of Woe, but so far, I've seen none that actually try to make it like the one in Oblivion. I mean, in terms of enchantment, not just appearance. Oblivion's Blade of Woe had Demoralize, Damage Health, Damage Willpower, and Damage Magicka. Skyrim's Blade of Woe is already stronger in terms of damage than Oblivion's, so that Damage Health is not needed, and Skyrim no longer has stats, so Damage Willpower is impossible. Therefore, the Skyrim Blade of Woe should have 2 effects. Fear up to level 25 (higher than Oblivion's Blade of Woe level cap of 10 to make up for lack of Damage Willpower) for 30 seconds (the original vanilla Oblivion Blade of Woe was glitched and did not have a duration, but I believe 30 seconds was the duration added by the unofficial Oblivion patch, unless you can prove me wrong, in which case, use the correct duration) and Damage Magicka 45 points on strike. Basic weapon damage, weapon appearance, and weight stats should be the same as in the vanilla.

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Well, I don't mind the appearance. It's the enchantment I'm asking about. Regardless, apparently, someone on the Nexus already beat you to it: http://www.mediafire.com/?c3ifqcso8xjuhxa Please look at my rings request, though: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=12865&pid=264397#pid264397 Focusing on the Ring of the Gray, the Black Band, and the Weatherward Circlet.

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