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Hearthfire Gardening Expanded


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"Wow, it's like a whole Other world" Serana says, as I'm scooping up all of the Gleamblossom I can carry.


I get back to my house, a few bags of dirt from the Ancestor Grove and the Forgotten Vale... and I can't plant Yellow Mountain Flowers, Nirnroot, Crimson Nirnroot, or Gleamblossom.

Why not? it should be a simple matter to gather up some soil from where they're from, and the greenhouse can even work with mass-production of Canis Root.


How about we get a mod that allows one to plant more items in the greenhouses or garden. Obviously, plants like Poison Bloom, Jarrin Root, Crimson Nirnroot, and Nirnroot require extremley special growth conditions, and Soul Husks can only grow in the Soul Cairn, but what about Yellow Mountain Flowers? What about Gleamblossom? It might be tricky to have a mod that requires both DLCs, so as to make them cross-compatible, but it IS needed, at least for an Alchemist like myself. and if I could use CK worth Skeever Dung, I'd make it myself, as a part of a "Combat Alchemist" mod I thought up. Perhaps will work on that later on sometime.




EDIT: OK, Perhaps I could learn how the CK works for it, but I still ave no idea how to impliment Gleamblossom and Yellow Mountain Flowers into the List for Hearthfire so I can start farming those at home... anyone have a tutorial on how to do exactly that?

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and my CK refuses to work with Dawnguard and Hearthfire at once' date=' something about strings, bleh, there goes my idea, right down the damned toilet... feel free to ignore this page, no point even working on it now, I guess.....


Not with that CK issue



you need to extract 3x string files(language you use) from hf and put them in data/strings, blame betha that CK can't find the string needed to start



ok, I looked again, added the BSA files for Dawnguard and Hearathfires, adn magically, no more missing strings... my question now, is what script is the one I need, from hearthfires, so I can apply it to Gleamblossom, and make it plantable in the Heaarthfire Greenhouse.... or, would I need to use the Green house's list... BAH X.x

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