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Mirap's Arm Fix Reupload


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That error is indicating the the installation is incorrect.


quote "Fore"

Error 2019 (Temporary directory does not exist. Bad Installation?): (1) you have an incomplete installation -> Download and Re-Install FNIS Behavior (2) You have moved GenerateFNISforUSers.exe to a different place. DON'T DO THAT. It will not work from an arbitrary place.

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I have that issue too when using newest version of FNIS yesterday, but after i test playing, seems like nothing wrong with my pc animation. That new 1-hand animation and momo acrobatic jump still working well. The half-T animation problem not happening (or maybe not yet). Anyone else can confirm this?


Oh and newest version of FNIS already has mirap's arm fix for chsbhc integrated in it even without the original file, quoted from nexus:



There are 2 more patches without required base mods:


CHSBHC arm fix

GENDER specific animations

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