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My first Outfit Studio conversion; hooray!


And by 'hooray', I really mean "Oh boy! I just can't wait to spend hours in front of the subtle glow of my monitor tweaking and fixing and pulling at my hair as things go horrendously wrong."


As suggested in the title, this is a Bodyslide conversion of singlebelong's excellent Witch of the Wild set. With TBBP weighting! Sort of.


Included are the Light/Robe/Heavy Bodyslide files, as well as files for the boots. The gloves, it seems, do not want to play nice - and so I'll be playing with those in the days to come. The mudflap on the Light and Robe versions also does funny things in some poses - I think I may need to do the TBBP weighting manually on that particular piece. If anyone can confirm or deny this, that would be a fantastic bit of help.
















These are just the Bodyslide files. You'll need to nab the actual mod from the Nexus, first! This should support most of the sliders all the way up to 100% for the time being. If it doesn't, please report back with a screenshot!



  • Fix the twisting mudflap, if possible.
  • Create a bodyslide set for the gloves.
  • Adjust the runes to fit closer against the body.
  • Increase the range of supported sliders up to 200-300%.
  • Do more conversions!

What's New in Version 1.6


  • 3/6/14 - Initial release! Likely buggy.
  • 3/9/14 - 1.5 is out! Many clipping and twisting issues were fixed. Still working on the calves. The runes are also properly weighted now.
  • 3/10/14 - Updated to 1.6. The separate tattoo.nif is now Bodyslide compatible.

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