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Nudestone - a Hearthstone nude patch





August 10 


79 Saviours of Uldum cards




To download click on the first link (there is an empty field)







This is a mod for card game from Blizzard that changes the art of many cards into a nude versions that still have similar content to the original motive or otherwise fit the card name.
I tried to do without guro content, but it's still NSFW, be careful
You do not get a ban for using the mod, because its use can not be tracked



  • More than 1000 cards of minions, spell and hero powers has changed
  • Added almost 200 animations of golden cards that have been changed
  • Changed portraits of heroes: Jaina, Valeera, Thrall, Andduin,  Alleria, Liadrin, Tyrande, Maiev and Lunara
  • Replaced the login screen, backgrounds in the main menu and on some battlefields



  1. Download the Nudestone zipfile ( Do NOT unzip this file)
  2. If you haven't used it yet, download the uMod application (This one you can extract)
  3. Start uMod, click Main -> Add Game
  4. Browse to your game folder and select the Hearthstone.exe
  5. Activate "Use Global Hook" under "Main"
  6. Start Hearthstone via Battle.net
  7. Hearthstone should now show up as running in uMod. There, Click "Open Texture/Package" and select Nudestone.zip
  8. Make sure you have your ingame Graphics options set to "medium" or "high". It won't work on "low"
  9. Optionally, you can save a template via the Main Menu of uMod and use it as default. This will automatically launch the mod with Hearthstone


  Since the game has switched to the use of directx11 additional instructions are required for correct operation:
      1. Go to your Blizzard App
      2. Click the logo in the Top Left
      3. Go to "Game Settings"
      4. Enable "Additional command line arguments"
      5. Enter "-force-d3d9" (Without the ")
      6. Click "Done"

Known issues


  • Animation of some cards (not even changed) are displayed in black textures.
  • Some people get an error "could not allocate enough memory". Try increasing the paging file


A few words


The author of the idea of the original mod called Whorestone - Eddyboy.


English is not my native language, so I can make some mistakes, sorry!


What's New in Version 17.0


79 Saviours of Uldum cards


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