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This is my first attempt at making a mod, that I am sharing. I love Jesse Jane, and wanted my house covered in pictures of her. I have gathered images of her from all over the internet, and decided to try my hand in a simple mod that would allow me to put up her pictures.


Comments and criticism is always accepted and appreciated. Thanks for looking. Hope to get better, and make more in the future.

What's New in Version 1.0.0


New in this version:

Added Jesse Jane Poster (25 swatches)

Added Jesse Jane Table Picture Frame

Added Jesse Jane Trio Frame (4 swatches)

Added Jesse Jane Wall Poster


Screenshots include a preview of my newly built Jesse Jane Studio Room. Enjoy.


04-18-18_11-23-44 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-12 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-14 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-16 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-17 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-19 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-20 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-22 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-24 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-25 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-27 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-28 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-30 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-31 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-33 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-35 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-37 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-38 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-40 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-41 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-45 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-47 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-48 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-50 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-51 PM.png

04-18-18_11-24-52 PM.png

04-18-18_11-25-13 PM.png

04-18-18_11-25-15 PM.png

04-18-18_11-25-17 PM.png

04-18-18_11-25-18 PM.png

04-18-18_11-25-32 PM.png

04-18-18_11-14-28 PM.png

04-18-18_11-14-38 PM.png

04-18-18_11-14-50 PM.png

04-18-18_11-15-03 PM.png

04-18-18_11-15-13 PM.png

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