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Hello everyone! Please forgive my English. I am from Motherland. So, a long time ago on the site appeared mod - YPTG with a very exciting quest. I can't show its content, so if you need information, go to the link:

Our community is very fond of adult adventures for their characters, just like me. But I've always lacked a certain pepperiness to my character's journey in the vastness of Skyrim. And when this mod came out, there was no limit to my happiness. But it was tied to a great mod:

For me this mod was redundant, but I really liked the quest. So I decided to "fix" the original YPTG a bit in order to "unbind" it from Hormones. I ended up "redesigning" the mod to bind to ConsoleUtil instead of Hormones. The creator of the original quest has long been offline, so if he comes and asks to remove the mod, I will immediately remove it from the site. All honours must go to the original creators, DeepBlueFrog and ypypypypypypp! I'm not much of a Skyrim modder, so I can't say if this mod works on LE or SE. This work is my debut. Have a great holiday season and a better new year everyone! If you find bugs or errors, be sure to report them! Also I will be glad if you help to further develop and not to abandon the mod!

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Update description

What's New in Version 1.3


Rewrote a bit of dialog, and also played with scripts (I play with papyrus). The camera now shakes a bit after Dibella's intervention (she's a goddess after all). Download if you want a bit of other dialog and quest description in the journal

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