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Hi, Warning this is not for everyone's taste but as a request I did I thought I'll share it here.

Moderators, if I've overstepped a line here please remove this.

This texture mod requires a Mod to be downloaded and installed from Vortex.

The mod is called "Lore Friendly Immersive Realistic Underwear " Then the file option is "Slayton Aerospace Underwear Female"

by andysan84 Link.


   Once installed, just pick and choose (copy/paste) which textures to overwrite the body color texture that you want from my file.

Thats' it, Oh and please endorse andysan84.


I have made the file structured in a way to make it easier in where the mod is located in the Starfield directory.

The muscle body used in the pics is from xs2reality's mod "XS sporty sexy map-vanilla body

The clothes are from Theenco and mods are here.

I highly recomend Hookscript by JEDIJOSH920 here along with his "classic NPC loot system" mod.

Remember to endorse all these awesome mod makers.

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