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About This File

this is a mod that adds powerful enchantment to Devious Devices. the goal of the mod was to give a trade off to the devices that completely change the way you play.

be aware, I've not made to meny mods and this was made for personal use and I do not have the time or effort to do bug fixes. the mod is quite stable I've used it for a few months now and the only bug I found is the enchantments description not showing up. 


 for modders

I know most of you know a lot more than me, so feel free to redesign/improve the mod. 

the way I did it was really slow, but at the time it was the only way I knew. what I did is I manually added the enchantments and, edited the items description to add the enchantment description to it. 

one idea I had that would be good is letting the player add and change the enchantments in the mcm, so they can add enchantments from other mods or there own. there could be presets as well.       


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