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0.2 beta
2 new monsters added with visual wound states. Arch Gorgon and Stagatron
Ulstryx art polished.
Ability notification spam silenced.

This mod works great with A Bloody Mess (Heroes)!
The Body Mod is a requirement.


Have some bloody fun this halloween!

Slice and dice your enemies and inflict brutal wounds that will hinder and impair the monsters that seek your blood. Inspired by the Xcom modifer "Red Fog", enemies will now suffer debilitating status effects when wounded. 1 debuff when first hitpoint is lost and second modifer when reaching half health.

Gameplay Rule changes.
attacks that deal 1 HP or more will inflict the status effect 'Bloodied' on all monsters.

Bloodied enemies will take a brutal hit to their stats. But beware.. a cornered animals might land a surprise hit. ^^

-1 speed
- 30 accuracy
- 15 dodge
+15 stunt chance

Second state; Bloody Mess, will turn the beast into a thrashing creature rarely hitting but it might hurt if it does.

- 2.5 speed
- 60 accuracy
- 30 dodge
+30 stunt chance

Beta features
- 2 wound states that alter stats and visual apearance.
- Wound states will visually change the appearance of creatures that have been finished (ongoing)

Current creatures with visual injuries
Gorgon Gorgon
Gorgon Rager
Gorgon Raccoon
Gorgon Roe
Gorgon Frog
Gorgon Ulstryx Spear
Gorgon Bear
Gorgon Bossbear
Gorgon Cow

Gorgon Arch Gorgon
Gorgon Stagatron

Full release (if time and resources permit
- 3rd injury state
- Visual injuries of all monsters.

IMPORTANT - this is a beta so while it should work fine, it is not playtested for balance.. ? I will update it runningly. If you find something odd or something that can be improved or have suggestions in general please share your thoughts. Most should look good. :-)But let me know!

Notes on difficulty
Since it is halloween the stat effects have been put at maximum. If you or a monster get hurt it will make an impact. Better hit them before you, and make sure to utilise cover and get some armor. If you get hit you are an easier target and you will swing and miss because of all the blood in your eyesockets. It's scary to only have half health.

-- Luscious Legends --

Luscious Legends is my proposed attempt to create a pack of mods that will add new grown up and fun skins to all major factions and player characters. I also have plans for new events as well as new armor for guys and gals.


Edited by Dandy_Lime

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