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[XCL] Drink Spikes [0.18a] 1.0.4

About This File

1) This mod adds the ability for male NPC's to slip drugs into your drinks at the bar and club.
2) If you are smarter than the NPC, you are likely to notice something is wrong.
3) NPC's will become more persistent once they've spiked you.
4) If you ask for more money during the proposition event and fail the charm check, the NPC will ask you to reconsider instead of just leaving.
5) Currently supports Caliente and Futility drugs (install "[XCL] U666's Drugs")

How does this mod differ from the other drugging/spiking mods? - This mod adds a drug to the player's system but continues the conversation between the player and NPC.  The intent of this mod is to make it easier for the NPC to seduce you, not to drag you away and do whatever he wants to you.


Required Mods:

[XCL] Drug Framework 2 [for 0.18a]


Optional (recommended) mods:

[XCL] U666's Drugs

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


Removed testing variable that caused all spikings to cause HGH, this is supposed to be a rare spike.

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