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Hello again !

Second upload to continue the holy quest of pornification of skyrim ! 
Replace all the guard shields from every hold to a kinky one (no mod need!)
I tried to stick to some theme related to the city or the original emblem... kinda 

A little disclaimer... I did those before changing my computer, so I had to stick with 512x512 for the shields ; I didn't redo them as I think they still look decent enough (and i'm lazy, too ? ) 

All in preview

Also, as a little bonus, I added a gold coin replacer in a seperate file ; again, nothing here is perfect, but that's just my two cent..... get it? get it ? two cent, coin replacer? 

Enjoy and feel free to add screenshots or share your opinion

Edited by PyGee333

What's New in Version 11/11/2023 01:13 PM


+ Added alternative Falkreath shields ( Alternative A or Alternative B, preview in screenshots at the end ; replace file from the main archive )


+Added alternative Solitude shield logo ( replace file from the main archive )


+Added alternative Riften shield logo ( same as above ) 




+ minor update of the Coin replacer (i reworked it a little bit, now it looks like proper gold imo ?)

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